DNC Delegates { 33 images } Created 10 Sep 2012

Upon entering the floor of the Time Warner Cable Arena, site of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, I noticed a tendency delegates had of glancing up as an ethereal light caught their faces. This response was partly an effort to catch a glimpse of a large video monitor hanging overhead, and partly – it seemed – tied to a sense of wonder at being part of an event so deeply tied to their political beliefs and sense of identity. These are the party faithful, those who spend their own money to travel to the convention to be with their own kind and bask in the warm fuzziness of common purpose and a common stance on a host of public policy issues.

These portraits were captured as delegates moved past, traversing the route from bathroom to concession stand to the seats occupied inside the arena by their state’s delegation, as they settled in for long hours of enthusiastic cheering and spiritual renewal.
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